Sunday, July 8, 2012

Travel Tip 1

Travel Tip # 1

Air Fares - The price of airfare can vary greatly from day to day. If you can travel on Tueday or Wednesday, you can save a significant amount of money. Another way to save is book your ticket on Tuesday afternoon or Sunday Night. Avoid price shopping on the weekends.

Felxibilty is another key to finding lower prices. If you are not tied to specific days then you can shop for the best prices. Most travel web sites let you search for a date +/- 3 days. Use this to your advantage.

Avoid Peak Travel Days! Ticket prices can double on peak travel days. However, traveling on an actual holiday can actually be cheaper. Traveling on the first flight in the morning is usually more cost effective.

Finally, check multiple travel sites. Most will offer the same deal but sometimes you can save a little on the booking fees or service charges. Thanks for checking in and for more information about travel to Steamboat, check out the following links.