Friday, July 20, 2012

Hot Springs

Steamboat enjoys the benefit of two beautiful but drastically different Hot Springs. Pictured above is Old Town Hot Springs. Located at 136 Lincoln Ave, Old Town has it's own stop on SST Bus Route. Old Town has two outdoor hot spring mineral pools, two Water Slides for the kids, a 25 yard lap pool and a fitness center. For more info check out their website at

For a totally different experience, you should consider Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Strawberry Park is about a 30 minute ride out of town but you will need to schedule a shuttle to get there. During the winter season you will need a four wheel drive vehicle or a two wheel drive vehicle with chains. Strawberry Park is very secluded and offers several pools of varying temperature. If you go at night you will need to bring a flashlight. The views are incredible, the stars look like they are so close you can reach out and touch them. For more info check out their website at

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Travel Tip 3 - Our Dining Guide

Travel Tip # 3

Our Dining Guide

There are three places to buy groceries in close proximity to The Rockies. All three are on the SST Bus Route and easy to get to.

Grocery Stores

City Market – Located in Central Park Plaza at 1825 Central Park Drive 970 879 3290. City Market also has a Wells Fargo Branch inside as well as a Starbuck’s and a Pharmacy.

Safeway – Located at 37500 E US Highway 40 970 879 2503. Safeway has a Pharmacy, Liquor Store and a Starbucks located inside.

Walmart – Also located in Central Park Plaza at 1805 Central Park Drive 970 879 8115. This Walmart has an extensive grocery section as well as all of the low cost pricing you expect at Walmart.


Dining is plentiful in Steamboat; there is everything from exquisite dining to local favorites on a budget. During peak times, reservations are highly recommended if not required.

Azteca Taqueria – The best burritos in town! It off the beaten path located at 116 9th St 970 870 9980.

The Egg and I – A great breakfast place with a huge variety on the menu. Located at 325 Anglers Drive 970 871 4633.

Johnny B. Good’s – A 50’s style diner that located right on Lincoln Avenue. Don’t forget to check out the “Adult Shakes”. Located at 738 Lincoln Avenue 970 870 8400.

Big House Burgers - Big House Burgers specializes in high quality burgers made from local beef. Located on the West end of town at 2093 Curve Plaza 970 870 8500.

Ore House at the Pine Grove – Steaks, Seafood and awesome Prime Rib. Located adjacent to The Ski Haus at 1465 Pine Grove Road 970 879 1190.

Mazzola’s Italian Diner – A comfortable atmosphere with great Italian food. Located at 917 Lincoln Ave 970 879 2405.

Double Z Bar & Barbeque – Another one that is off the main traffic but well worth the trip. Seating is limited so go early. Located at 1124 Yampa St 970 879 0849. No web site.

Fiesta Jalisco – Traditional Mexican fare located at 445 Anglers Drive 970 871 6999.

Freshies – A healthy breakfast alternative. Closer to downtown but there is a SST Stop close by. Located at 595 S. Lincoln Ave 970 879 8099.

Slopeside Grill – Located right on the slope at the end of “Right of Way”. Avoid them during peak times, you may have to wait over an hour for a table. The food is excellent and affordable for “on mountain dining”. 1855 Ski Time Square 970 879 2916.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Travel Trip 2

Travel Tip # 2

Pre-trip Packing - Make a list!

It is imperative that you make a list well in advance of your trip. We use this one for all our travel and just adapt it for the climate at our destination. You can adapt the one below for your own situation.

Apr├Ęs-ski boots
Bathing suit
Shirts – Dress and T-Shirt
Sock liners
Socks – Wool / Thermal
Underwear – Regular and Thermal
Winter boots

Ski – Snowboard Gear

Face mask
Glove liners
Neck gaiter
Ski – Snowboard Jacket
Ski – Snowboard Boots
Ski – Snowboard Gloves
Ski – Snowboard Goggles
Ski – Snowboard Hat
Ski – Snowboard Pants
Ski Poles
Ski – Snowboard Socks
Ski – Snowboard
Stretch pants

Other Accessories

Binding covers
Boot bag/boot carriers
Boot dryers
Boot muffs
Fanny pack
Lip protector
Ski bag
Ski lock
Ski tote/ski ties
Trail maps
Tuning stone
Boot and Glove Warmer
Board Wax
Board Leash
Board Tool

Personal Accessories

Airline tickets
Camera, film, flash, batteries, tripod
Cell phone and Chargers
Contact lenses & spares
Contact lens cleaning solution
Credit cards
Digital camera & cords
Driver’s license
House key
Laptop computer
Photocopies of passport
Traveler’s checks


Topical Antibiotic
Aspirin – Tylenol - Ibuprophen
Deodorant - Antiperspirant
Prescription Medication
Dental Floss
Lip balm
Medicine - Pills
Razor - Shaver
Shampoo - Conditioner
Shaving Cream

Don’t Forget

Close and Lock Windows
Lock Doors including Garage
Second Check for Passport, Plane Tickets, Wallet – Purse, Cell Phone and Charger
Put lights on auto timer
Make sure a neighbor or friend has spare key
Take the trash out
Turn heat down - A/C up
Turn lights off
Turn off main water line
Turn off outside faucets
Unplug appliances
Washing machine faucets off
Water plants

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Steamboat Mountain Facts

Steamboat Mountain Facts

Mount Werner, Sunshine Peak, Storm Peak, Thunderhead Peak, Pioneer Ridge and Christie Peak are actually the mountain range that make up Steamboat. The resort encompasses 2,965 acres (1200 hectares).


Base Elevation: 6,900 feet/2103 meters
Christie Peak Elevation: 8,020 feet/2444 meters
Mid-Mountain Elevation: 9,080 feet/2768 meters
Summit/Mt. Werner Elevation: 10,568 feet/3224 meters
Vertical Rise: 3,668 feet/1118 meters


Trails: 165 named trails
Trail Classification: 14% Beginner 42% Intermediate 44% Advanced
Longest Run: Why Not – over 3 miles/4.8km


Annual Snowfall: 349"/886cm
Snowmaking: 375 acres/152 hectares

Lift System

Gondola (8-passenger): 1
High-Speed Six: 1
High-Speed Quads: 5
Conventional Quad Chairlift: 1
Triple Chairlift: 6
Double Chairlift: 2
Total Lifts: 16
Surface Lifts for Snow School: 2
Uphill Capacity: 41,465 per hour

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Snowmobile Anyone?

There is more to do in Steamboat than skiing and snowboarding. Lets take a quick ride through Rabbit Ears Pass.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Travel Tip 1

Travel Tip # 1

Air Fares - The price of airfare can vary greatly from day to day. If you can travel on Tueday or Wednesday, you can save a significant amount of money. Another way to save is book your ticket on Tuesday afternoon or Sunday Night. Avoid price shopping on the weekends.

Felxibilty is another key to finding lower prices. If you are not tied to specific days then you can shop for the best prices. Most travel web sites let you search for a date +/- 3 days. Use this to your advantage.

Avoid Peak Travel Days! Ticket prices can double on peak travel days. However, traveling on an actual holiday can actually be cheaper. Traveling on the first flight in the morning is usually more cost effective.

Finally, check multiple travel sites. Most will offer the same deal but sometimes you can save a little on the booking fees or service charges. Thanks for checking in and for more information about travel to Steamboat, check out the following links.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our new Web Page

This video was taken on a snowy day looking down on the Gondola Village.
As the summer heat swelters why not check out our new website at